4 hacks to rock an outfit like the "peaky blinders" from your current wardrobe

JUN 27

1. Pick a waistcoat/half coat - The iconic look of the Peaky Blinders begins with a good quality, stylish waistcoat. It should be fitted, with a three-button closure and subtle detailing. Choose a light-coloured waistcoat to layer under your jacket for a classic Peaky Blinders look.

2. Choose the right jacket/coat - The Peaky Blinders have made tweed jackets fashionable once more. Choose a classic tweed jacket in grey or beige with a herringbone pattern for the perfect look. Alternatively, you can opt for a brown leather jacket to complete your ensemble.

3. Find the perfect hat - The Peaky Blinders have popularized flat caps as part of their signature style. Look for a classic flat cap with a peak to complete your look. Choose one in grey or brown tweed to match the rest of your outfit.

4. Wear a pair of brogue shoes or any of your official shoes- Finish off the Peaky Blinders look with a classic pair of brogues. Choose a pair in brown leather with a wingtip or perforated detailing for an understated yet stylish finish. Wear your brogues with socks slightly visible to complete the look.

With these four simple hacks, you’ll be able to rock the Peaky Blinders style in no time! Whether you’re dressing up for an event or just wanting to switch up your everyday look, these hacks are sure to help you make an impression. So don your waistcoat, jacket and hat, and slip on a pair of brogues shoes for the perfect Peaky Blinders look.


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Enjoy a fresh wardrobe at your fingertips.

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